Move along. That's a good lad.

Well, OK, let me explain. This site was originally just a place to slap stuff up that I wanted to be able to share with friends. It was deliberately not indexed, or indexable. The line above has a link to a truthy little tale about Charles Babbage that I made up one April 1st. The link (in case you mised it) is the period at the end of the line.

As time went by, I tossed a number of odd things into this shed, but if you came here because we talked about something at the Computer History Museum. It was probably about the IBM 1401, and most likely either the single card "HELLO WORLD" world program, explained here, or the demo of sending Morse Code by modulating the CPU clock.

Or, maybe you were interested in an early single-board experimenter's computer, the KIM-1.